"I got this gift for my wedding day. I loved it and it touched my heart so much. A decorated shoe makes a lovely gift and I loved the photos inside. xxxxxxxx thank you again <3 <3"

Shani Kizzy Lewis,  UK

Wedding Shoe Design

"Bought a lovely decorated anniversary shoe from Head Over Heels By Lorraine for some friends who were celebrating and it arrived in a beautiful box with a personalised photo. My friends thought it was a wonderful thoughtful gift and the shoe now takes center stage in their lounge. I would recommend these beautiful shoes to anyone who wants to buy a really memorable present"

Ellen Van Der Schouw, Greece

Anniversary Shoe Design

"I bought a beautiful red shoe with the theme "Hairdressing & Fashion Clothing". The shoe is decorated with minature coat hangers, fashion magazines, shopping bags, dolls clothes, hairdryer and hairbrush etc. The shoe certainly grabs everyone's attention and customers love it!

Anastasia Iordanoglou, Greece

Shop Decor

"Lovely shop decor for my jewelley shop situated in a seaside village next to the sea. I commissioned a shoe decorated with seashells and it has really bought a summer atmosphere into the shop!"


Exclusive Jewellery by JORGE


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